Family house furnishing

It is said “my house is my castle”. There is something in that. Even a small house is our fortress, a safe place, and a family home. It does not matter how big the house is. If you have just become the owners of a new-build house or you are reconstructing the old house from your parents, you will certainly appreciate some tips on how to easily and, at the same time, perfectly furnish your new home. It is your home after all…

Hit the ground running

Leaving aside house project phases, we take into account that you have already finished your house and are going to start furnishing it. Take your time to see everything for yourself in showrooms. Floors and tiles will look different on a computer screen and in reality. The same applies to doors or heaters which you can even make a dominant feature of the room. There are a number of design pieces on the market which jazz the interior up. However, it is not suitable to experiment or apply extravagance everywhere. It depends on the construction and house type – you furnish a modern glass house, log or timber house by the forest differently. And don´t forget the fact that floors in halls and kitchen are the most stressed. If you have small children, avoid using glass – especially glass doors, cabinets, etc. They are neither safe nor practical for maintenance.

Storage spaces

Before you start house furnishing, you should think about the whole process. Plan what storage spaces should be in each room. It could be mainly cabinets and shelves that perform several functions. They can help with “hiding” a boiler or shoes in the hall, clothes and bed linen in the bedroom, books in the living room and dishes as well as kitchen textiles in the dining room. Or you can use large built-in cabinets designed from the floor to ceiling. It all depends on the layout of the house. If you have a large hall, be sure to have it made to measure. Built-in wardrobes are extremely useful, when you complete them with a large mirror the space could be optically enlarged and lightened.

Stumped? Entrust it to experts

House furnishing is a little harder than furnishing an apartment. More rooms, more space…
If you are wondering how to equip the interior to look timeless and comfy as well as modern, try to consult experts. It usually goes like this – at the first meeting, you will discuss your ideas, whole family lifestyle and finances. You can entrust interior designers with one room or the whole house. When everything is agreed, work will begin with the interior design and visualization. Thanks to up-to-date 3D technologies, you will see everything as it is in reality. You will have a clear and realistic idea of what the modified interior will look like after the project is completed. Whether you are moving to a brand-new house or renovating an older property and longing for reconciling the old with the new, investing in the interior design is worth it. If you are considering interior design, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to answer your question about the whole process.