We are furnishing a small apartment

Nowadays, small studio flats or smaller two-room apartments are in great demand due to high real estate prices. However, it can be a challenge to furnish a small apartment so that it looks spacious and cozy, while being useful and meeting high housing standards. Let us show you a few tricks of how best to arrange a small apartment.

We are furnishing a small apartment

Colour and material matters

When furnishing a studio apartment, a basic is the choice of light colours, which make the space optically larger. If you need to place enough storage space in the room, choose white furniture, preferably made of veneered or laminate chipboard. Solid wood furniture tends to be sturdier. Choose pieces belonging to “modular furniture”. These are individual pieces you assemble as a kit. Thanks to modular furniture, you can fill even small spaces, for example in corners, around windows or under a ceiling. Handy shelves will be appreciated by many bookworms who do not know where to store their book treasures. Tall mirrors or built-in mirror closets do a great service bringing light into a small hall without windows. Built-in closets are very practical helpers. They provide sufficient storage space and make perfect use of, otherwise probably unusable, space (from floor to ceiling).

Unfolding and folding, that is what it is about

Folding tables, sofas, pull-out beds or folding (stackable) chairs – these are the furniture that should not be missing in any small apartment. You are lucky if you are moving to a high ceiling apartment. Build one extra floor. So more precisely a bunk bed, where you have a small living room downstairs and a small bedroom upstairs. It is worth visiting a carpenter and having the bunk bed made to measure. The small space will be divided into a sleeping and living area. Bookshelves, transparent glass partitions or screens will have the same effect – they divide the one larger room into smaller zones. You will certainly appreciate it when living with a partner or even a child.


Beauty in simplicity

When choosing wall colours, avoid dark shades or patterned wallpapers. A simple white will do the best service. However, if you have a bright room with a large window where the sun shines all day, you can also use a richer wall colour. Grey, beige colours or concrete design are popular nowadays. 

So, get furnishing!

We are furnishing a small apartment
We are furnishing a small apartment