MOODEN team created on their own

We started designing another interior.

This time we were in charge of the design of housing in a new turnkey family house in the South Moravian Region. Look at what it looks like when we get practically free to create an interior!

Although in our showroom in Prague we show how you can live efficiently and comfortably in a small studio space, we had enough space in this family house. Both small and large interiors have something to do with each other, each with a completely different challenge. But we are not afraid of any project. In the family house we also got to design rooms that are still not common in most households – such as a large and spacious dressing room.

How little is enough for a dream home

Specific requirements of the owners we got only a short list, which we had to stick to. The couple wanted a kitchen countertop that simulated a bar, a small wine shop, a cat scratcher, a 120 cm kitchen passageway, or the spacious dressing room mentioned above, in which all clothes would be easy to store. In the living room we had to incorporate a more dominant living wall, the last requirement was to include a modern concrete spatula on the wall. We have kept these points and followed them in designing the units. Therefore, you do not have to worry if you do not have a specific idea of the interior. Just tell us how the result should work and speak openly about your wishes. With our help you get the housing you have always dreamed of.