Children’s room – a space for personal development

A room for our little ones is not just about toys and blue/pink paint. On the contrary, the children’s room should be a place where everything is thought out to the last detail. The child grows in it and takes its first steps both physically, but also mentally. Colors, equipment and furniture layout all have an impact on the development of creativity and personality.
We will share with you what interests us…

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Family house furnishing

It is said “my house is my castle”. There is something in that. Even a small house is our fortress, a safe place, and a family home. It does not matter how big the house is. If you have just become the owners of a new-build house or you are reconstructing the old house from your parents, you will certainly appreciate some tips on how to easily and, at the same time, perfectly furnish your new home. It is your home after all…

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We are furnishing a small apartment

Nowadays, small studio flats or smaller two-room apartments are in great demand due to high real estate prices. However, it can be a challenge to furnish a small apartment so that it looks spacious cozy while being useful and meeting high housing standards. Let us show you a few tricks of how best to arrange a small apartment.

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This time in Mooden, we were put in charge of designing and realization of housing in a new house in the South Moravian region. See what it looks when we were practically given a free hand when creating an interior!

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One color rules everyone – a challenge for MOODEN designers

How did we handle the colorful living room and kitchen?

We designed a living room with a kitchen for the new building in Písnice Residence Vrtilka. The theme was clear – green-blue. See how we dealt with the client’s assignment!

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MOODEN team created on their own

This time we were in charge of a proposal for housing in a new turnkey family house in the South Moravian Region. See what it looks like when we get practically free hand in creating the interior!

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