One color rules everyone – a challenge for MOODEN designers

How did we handle the colorful living room and kitchen?

We designed a living room with a kitchen for the new building in Prague – Residence Vrtilka. The theme was clear – green-blue. Look at how we dealt with the client’s assignment!

That’s why we were delighted with the whole MOODEN design team when we were approached by a young couple who wanted to help with the design and realization of this room. The entire airy space was to be decorated with a deep green-blue color in a darker shade that immediately inspired us to inspire us to create a cozy and modern room.

Places made to meet

The cosiness, airiness and emphasis on nature have become the main requirements that the client came up with and which led us all the time to build a dream room in which the young couple will meet friends and family. The main purpose of this meeting is a dining table with a bench and five chairs, for which 8 people can sit comfortably. The bench can be inserted under the table exactly according to the client’s requirements. The main requirement in the selection of the table was strength and stability, price and brand did not play a big role.
Finally, we decided on a seat in a fateful green-blue color, which fits nicely into the interior and fits perfectly with the opposite wall in the same shade. Opposite it is located next to the TV is a modern fireplace, from which radiates the warmth of home.
The entire interior of the living room connected with the kitchen should then be supplemented with wooden to raw elements, plants and a library or shelf. We decided to place the library on the sofa and its design reflects the natural style that the owners like.

What did the client appreciate the most?

The living area is dominant in this design, the kitchen subordinates to the rest of the room and rather completes it. In the end, the young couple especially appreciated the maximum use of space for the kitchen unit and, for example, the construction of interior doors and the use of a staircase niche. How do you like the result? The room in Písnice Residence Vrtilka is proof that our designers can work with space and make the most of it. If you also desire a perfect interior, you are just a step away – just let us know.