This time in Mooden, we were put in charge of designing and realization of housing in a new house in the South Moravian region. See what it looks when we were practically given a free hand when creating an interior!

Even though we show how to live comfortably and efficiently in a small studio flat in our showroom in Prague, we had plenty of space in this family house. Small and large interiors have something in it. Each of them hides a completely different challenge. We like to throw ourselves into any project. Our interior design studio designed and implemented the interior of a new-build property for the family house INTERIOR OF THE YEAR 2019 competition. The space is open, airy, and harmonized in light shades. A high living room mounted unit dominates in a living room. In a children´s room, a space for play was created because of interconnected wardrobes. An effect of levitating bed engages the attention, a workplace with a writable whiteboard impresses everybody.

In our design studio MOODEN, we make sure that the ideas about the interior become a reality. We design and realise all types of interiors – whether for large hotels, offices, commercial space, whole family houses, small apartment or simply a single room itself. Throughout the creation of the interior, there is no concern for investors. Our team of experts in the field of interior design and its implementation oversees everything.