Hotels and restaurants

Are you opening a new hotel or a restaurant or looking to refurbish? Have you long been dreaming of how it would look? Then it’s the right time to make your dreams a reality! No magic needed, you just need to contact our MOODEN designers who will be more than happy to work with you on your ideas.

We have plenty of experience with designing and realising hotel and restaurant interiors, and are excited to create the right solutions for the interior, so you can always come to us when your idea is not perfected – together we will make it. Moreover, we always keep within the required budget and we also manage to work with atypical spaces.

While designing all of our interiors, we use modern and advanced technology – before the realisation itself, we create a 3D photorealistic visualisation with which you can see how exactly it will look like. You will make up your mind about what furniture best fits your interior or pick the right combination of materials, colours and accessories. Our designers professionally know what elements to use to achieve the desired atmosphere and style.

When you are happy with everything, we will start the realisation of the project. We can manufacture your furniture, help you with the part realisation of certain elements, or complete the whole interior. This whole process will make your worries minimal. Naturally, we will consult the interior with you and we ourselves will focus on all the details.

Leave the whole process of design and realisation to us, and you can be sure you can open your hotel or restaurant exactly on time, with the date agreed prior to the process. If you are interested in a modern, stylish and functional space, contact us. We will be glad to answer all of your questions and schedule a meeting.