Interiors made of mood

Thoughtful interiors from design to realisation

You no longer have to just dream of a modern interior anymore. In our Mooden design
studio located in Prague, we make sure your ideas become a reality

Thoughtful interiors from design to realisation

We design and realise all types of interiors – whether for large hotels, offices, commercial
spaces, whole family houses, small apartments or simply a single room itself

Thoughtful interiors from design to realisation

You will not have to worry about anything throughout the entire time of the interiors
creation, our team of professionals in the field of interior design and their realisations will
take care of every detail


MOODEN is a design studio which focuses on every type of interior. We
help residential home owners and commercial business people to achieve
their dreams. It doesn‘t matter if it is a hotel, restaurant, office, market
store, living room or kitchen.

What makes us different are our photo realistic 3D visualisations, our own
app accessible to our global clients, and professional realisation and
installation. No need to worry because our team takes care of the whole

At the beginnig you can only imagine what your project will look like. We can make what you imagine become reality and in the end you have the interior you have dreamed of.

showroom in Prague

professionals in our team

projects per year

the largest private interior realized

How the process works?

We help guide you to the best interior. We can meet face to face or you can use our app which guides you step-by-step through the tasks. That ensures we know exactly what you need. We will then send you a price offer and upon acceptance, we start work.

The whole process follows 8 steps and you can find it here.

You can live on 27 m²!

We like challenges and innovative but practical solutions. Therefore, instead of an ordinary showroom, we completely designed and cleverly equipped a small apartment. The studio in Prague, which you would probably not be interested in, was rebuilt into a spacious and multifunctional living.

Children’s room – a space for personal development

A room for our little ones is not just about toys and blue/pink paint. On the contrary, the children’s room should be a place where everything is thought out to the last detail. The child grows in it and takes its first steps both physically, but also mentally. Colors, equipment and furniture layout all have an impact on the development of creativity and personality.
We will share with you what interests us…

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Family house furnishing

It is said “my house is my castle”. There is something in that. Even a small house is our fortress, a safe place, and a family home. It does not matter how big the house is. If you have just become the owners of a new-build house or you are reconstructing the old house from your parents, you will certainly appreciate some tips on how to easily and, at the same time, perfectly furnish your new home. It is your home after all…

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